Hello, My name is Pam, I have a Dell inspiron E1705--my problem is when I boot up it stays on for about 2 minutes then the screen goes black and its dead. What is the problem?? It is NOT the battery. This laptop is only 2 years old. any and all help I can get would be appreciated!!
Thanks in advance

Can you hear the fans come on? Check around the vents for dust/dirt.
How do you know the battery is good?
Try safe mode.

Yes, I can hear the fans come on but then of course when the screen goes black the fans go off. --I know it isn't the battery because I ordered a new battery and the laptop still does the same thing. Please tell me what to do to make my laptop work (other than buy a new one)

Is the charger working? Some have a light, some just get warm. new battery doesn't mean a good battery, but it probably is.
This sounds like a charging/power supply issue.
What's the exact make and model?

Yes, the charger is working-the light is on--the computer will come on for a few minutes then go black, the make and model is dell inspiron E1705.--it is about 2 years old. --- thank you for your help