I have researched the forum, but did not find a specific answer to my query. I just built a new computer from scratch. This is not the first one, but this one is giving me fits since I have never has this happen before. After installing all of the cards, peripherals, etc., I powered on the system. It booted to the CMOS and Bios, but shut down after about 5-10 seconds. I thought it may have been a conflict with one of my add-on perepherals, so I un-installed them one at a time, hoping this was the culprit. However, I am still getting the same problem. I am at work now and I will do more troubleshooting when I get home tonight, but I am seeking assistance. One thing that dawned on me while thinking about it here at work is I may have one of the cable wires from the computer case disoriented on the mother board. I'll check that when I get home. Anyone have this problem before?

Self-rebooting problems that I have seen were usually something to do with the power source. How far into the POST have you gotten?

Not far. I only get to the set-up screen. When I click F1 to continue, or DEL to enter set-up, it cuts off.

Have you checked the CPU and heatsink fan? It might be overheating. If you just built it, the heatsink might not be seated properly.

I'm on my way home right now. I'll check it when I get there, after fighting this traffic!!! I hope you guys are still on-line then.


As said earlier, check your bios...see overheating temps and shutdown temps.

Did you apply thermal compound between the CPU and heatsink?

Yes, I did everything the paperwork that came with the CPU cooler stated. I'm still having a problem.

Oh dear! Go back to basics!

Motherboard, processor, RAM and video card that is. Remove or disconnect EVERYTHING ELSE!

Reset CMOS if you need to, but get the system to complete POST right through the system component detection routine. Then add components one by one (hard drive last of all of course) until you track down where the problem lies. It will most likely be something connected wrongly!

That's what I did. I went back to basics, and found my CPU cooler was not connected correctly. Everything works now!!

Thanks to all for the support. Now if I can only get Windows XP to work under my new settings since I have all of my programs installed on the hard drive. I hate to do a total re-format.

A new motherboard means a mandatory reinstall, I'm afraid. Windows XP does NOT cope with a motherboard transplant.

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