Hi guys.

This may sound pretty dumb, but here goes.

I have a Seagate 40Gb external laptop HDD. The other day I changed the name of the drive from "Removable Disc" to "SHAUN40GIG" and everytime I plug it into a computer, it lights up and the disc spins but the drive is no longer recognized.....

I went into the device manager and found it to be there yet it is not coming up in my computer.

How can I get the disc to be recognizable without losing all the data on it???

WAAAAAHHHH, It has got all the ghost images for all the computers here at this school and I dont wanna have to go and create new images..

Can anyone help me??


Shaun :cool:

I changed it by going into "My Computer" and right clicking on it and going to "Rename"...

I hope that helps out a little more.

Try plugging the drive on other computer

Sorry dude, it does the same thing.

I am just hoping it did not cop some static, at this room has just been carpeted (despite my protest). but it still spins up so I don't think so.

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