This is probably going to be long but I'l try to explain as best I can.

I broke my laptop about 2 months ago, and according to my friend who fixed it, my harddrive had "clusters'. my hard drive is a SATA 80gb with 2 partitions: 1 for OS and the other for all my photos, music & files. we tried formatting the OS partition and reinstalling windows, but no luck. in the end, I bought a new hard drive and now my laptop is working perfectly fine and I am very happy.
I still have the old broken SATA, which has 1 formatted partition, and the other partition with my music, photos etc. my friend connected it to his PC with sata cables and said the files were all still there, so I kept the hard drive. my sister doesn't want me to pull apart her desktop computer to connect my broken SATA to hers manually, so I purchased a USB enclosure.
The enclosure works fine, it lights up when connected to my laptop, the hard drive is installed properly and everything, however when I plug the usb into my computer, nothing happens. I'm running windows vista so the plug & play option should work basically, but there is just nothing. I installed the cd it came with, which has a program called "OTB", and when I try to run it nothing happens. no errors or anything, just nothing. I have explored the disk managment, which shows my current working hard drive, cd drive etc but nothing else is there. I have searched for every possible problem but so far no luck.

can anyone help me at all? I desperately want to get my music and photo's from it (seeing as it's over 5 years worth of files, and I can't replace my personal photos). any suggestions or solutions? or can a broken hdd not work in an enclosure?

(sorry it was so long!)

Have you tried connecting the Harddisk with other laptop or desktop

using the enclosure?
yes. I plugged it into my sister's desktop, and it did the exact same thing.

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