I've been reading some of the topics on here, and I'm not sure if anyone has the specific problem I have. I own a Sony VAIO PCG-K23. It's four years old and has only stopped working once due to an overheating issue about six months ago (has been working fine since, until today). I turned my computer off at around 11 AM today and packed it up to move it to a new location. Five hours later, went to turn it on, and nothing happened. Thinking it might have been overheated again, I let it sit for a while and came back to it. Still nothing. Tried running it with only the AC, then just the battery. Still nothing. I opened it up to make sure everything looked alright, and didn't remove/touch anything. That's when I noticed whenever I put the battery back in, even with it shut down completely, I'll hear about 5 click noises coming from around the battery terminal area. It's not around the hard drive - I checked. This is near the battery. The clicking noises sound like a second hand on a watch ticking. Also, I tried holding down on the power button, then putting back the battery and AC adapter to see if that works. Nothing.

About a month ago, I noticed a screw had come loose inside the computer (very small one). I opened it up, and it was lodged in plastic, but I couldn't get it out (couldn't see it even). It didn't rattle, and it's been running near perfectly up until this day.

Please, someone, anyone help. I've put my computer away for the night because I don't want to accidentally do anything else to it. Can anyone tell me what to do, or what is wrong?

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Hi I have similar problem with my sony vaio pcg-7f1m, when I want to start before 2 weeks It does not start easy. varios time I push the power button some time stars and som time do not start.Once I remove battry and put it again it taks start first time and when I shutdown and start again withen 10 minuts it starts but when it is long time It does not start, then always I remove battry and put it again it starts first time. I don,t understand what is the problem. Please help me tooo. Thankx
Sorry for my english

From the number of posts I have seen about Vaio's and from working on them, I'd say that the build quality is rather poor for the money they charge for them. Both of you need to get your laptop's looked at by a professional as they obviously have hardware and/or manufacturing faults!

Oh, this topic is still up.

It's a very weird thing. I took it to friends who were a little tech-y... nothing. One told me it was a bad mobo, another said there was something wrong with the power getting to it. So I ended up getting a new computer. About nine months later, I try it just on a whim, and it works. Just as it did beforehand. It's been working now for nine months without a hitch... so far.

So, I guess that's the weird thing about vaios. I've read lots of stories where people leave it alone for a while and it suddenly works. This was one of those cases.

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