Hi All,

This morning my Gateway M520 powered down out of nowhere and subsequently happened several more times and then wouldn't start up at all until I left it sit awhile. After turning it back on and being cautious I found the power plug was extremely hot.

In the little searching around I did, I found others having the same description to the problem I was having. Apparently its the DC jack and it needs to be replaced. I've been disassemblying my computer and I don't want to go any further until I know what I'm doing. How can I get to the DC jack and replace it?

Thanks, Alan

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You can purchase the jack at several different places, here is one. This is pc mounted and will require being able to access both sides of the motherboard to remove the old one and install the new one. I could find specific instructions for removing your motherboard, perhaps this site will have similar models that will give you an insight as to how to disassemble the computer.

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Mine has the same problem and now i am trying to get the back off of it to get to the mother board so that i can have the DC jack sautted back on so i can get it fixed and now i even have to buy a new hard drive cause mine crashed when it powered off all a sudden

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