Hi, I have a Demension 2400 desktop with XP installed. I was playing a game on the computer and I accidently deleted the Microsoft registry file via run>regedit.exe. My computer still worked but I noticed the recycle bin was missing. I thought it was an error so I restarted. An error came up on the screen that says something about the computer not starting up properly due to a hardware or software change. Then it gave me these options:

Safe Mode

Safe Mode with Networking

Safe Mode with command prompt

Last good configuration

Normal set up

I've chosen all of these...with the safe modes, it gave me a long list of stuff but froze and with the other two it started up fine but the screen turned black and the part in XP where I enter my password doesn't come up. This happens every time I try to start it. I tried putting in the windows XP reinstallation CD but it isn't mine, it's my mom's. When I moved, mine got misplaced but it can't read it...it doesn't do anything.

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Try to restore to the previous checkpoint.

I agree trying to restore to a previous checkpoint "Last Good Configuration". Also, verify that in the BIOS that the CD-ROM drive is first in the Boot Order Sequence.

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