I brought the ferrari 4000 laptop earlier this month (second hand, but it's had a performance upgrade), and it has been running superbly well until I went to turn it on this afternoon with a broadband connection plugged in (I'm not sure if that's relevant) and it wouldn't boot up, even after unplugging it no luck, I managed to get it to load up once (and long enough to save some uni work before it froze) but since then nothing, there was power going to the screen except it was blank and I read the manual and it said to insert a system disk into it, which I did, and now there's not even power going to the screen (and the cd's stuck)... I don't know if anyone can help but I really don't know what's wrong with it, as it had been working perfectly well this morning.

any help at all would be appreciated

HI Kerryn
while the battery is charging (check power light on charger-green light) power the laptop and see if you can eject the disk. Ill recomend that you charge it for a hour or so before doing the above