I recently got a new laptop (Toshiba, about two weeks old). A couple days ago, I had a problem booting it up; the power icon would light up when I turned it on, and I could hear it trying to work, but it either wouldn't get past the initial 'Toshiba' loading screen before shutting down, or it would shut down as soon as it had come on--so no chance to get into BIOS, etc.

I tried resetting the battery, which worked beautifully--for about a day. In the middle of working on it tonight (the battery was in, and it was plugged into the AC adapter), it shut down with no warning, and I have since not been able to get it to boot up. I have tried simply resetting the battery again, and I have tried the further ATX reset--no luck on either front.

Unfortunately, the warranty from the store I purchased it at expired the day it originally had the problem, so I only have the Toshiba limited warranty to work under. Just thought I'd check here and see if anyone had further advice before trying to take it in.

Thanks in advance for any help.

send it back to toshiba ,before you do something that not covered under the warranty.
like throw it down and stomp on it .lol