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I have a Toshiba A60. When I press the power button, instead of turning a constant blue and booting up, it flashes blue once and does nothing else. Even with everyting unattached. Have tried another working harddrive. It does the same with ac adapter plugged in or running on battery. Have tried with a new battery as well.

Originally it worked OK but was dropped. This broke the power jack which I desoldered and replaced with a new one. I have worked on a number of A60's and done the power jack replacement a number of times with no probelm.

Any ideas? ? ? ?

Thank you,


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seems you a pro in that part but dis one is not giving in easily huh.have you tried another monitor??normal pc one? have you thought about lcd and other power source cables being firm intact.can only be one of the that seeing youre always doing youre good soldering joby


The best advice I can give abyone when fixing any machine is to have a working second one so you can do identical tests. But in this case I am out of my depth.

On the working one, if I remove the screen, DVD Rom, keyboard, the hard drive, the keyboard and then press the on/off button, the light still shows as a solid blue and starts to try and boot.
The problem one still just flashes once and thats it! ! ! As they are both running off fully powered batteries (and swopped them) so it cant be the power jack I just soldered in. I cant see anything else wrong.

Original problem - it was dropped, which broke the power jack.

I am still stumped.

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