I have a compaq cpu(RAM 512, Processor 1GHz). It has 3 dimm sockets and all of which are occupied with two 128MB and a 256MB memory cards adding up to 512MB. Does this lower the processing speed of my computer compared to using one 512MB card? Advice.

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As you are mixing memory you could be mixing the speed i.e. PC2700 333 Mhz or PC3200 400 Mhz if this is the case the ram will run at the lower speed.

Whats your OS?

I'm certainly no expert but I'd say not really, I mean there may be a difference, but nothing you'd notice. The weakest link looks like your CPU.

DGULLIVER and me posted at the same time :) I agree with what he says

Thanks The New Normal :)

sureronald, something else to bear in mind, 512mb these days is quite low - My work system is currently running 55 process and is using 642mb. Do CTRL+ALT and DELETE and Windows Task Manager should appear. Click the "Performance" tab on the left side you should see your Mem Usage.

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