IS one better than the other? Most computers i'm looking at have ddr2 but the one i am thinking about purchasing has sdram. i'm not to familiar with termonology, but is one faster than the other, or is one better for certain tasks? Thanks in advance for the clarification

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it all comes down to what your pc can take you sdram ddr,sdram ddr2 and sdram ddr3. speeds varies as the types varies.ive discovered recently that ddr can be faster than ddr2 depending on the actuall speed in mhz etc. a wise move for you is to check what type of memory your mobo can work with.get a hold of that dusty mobo manuel or google your mobo model specs all info will jum in your face. if you need help im just a post away.


Go with DDR2 not SDRAM. DDR2 uses dual channel which in essence doubles your FSB. If you get DDR2 and get your ram synchronized with the processor (1:1) it is really fast.

another thing you have to take into consideration is that if you go with ddr2 you have to get 2 sticks that are the same size and same brand(preferably) for the dual channeling to work right.

but if you are buying a new system with DDR2 that should already be done.

Hope this helps

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