Here is a email i sent to the managing director of a big UK based company called Aria Technology (England, Manchester). So far i have had no reply:

Dear Aria Taheri,

My name is *******. Through my company (I am not going to disclose this) and also through my own account, I regularly purchase items from you company. I would like to take a moment to show you how poor your customer service and web sales team are performing. It is with great disappointment that I have had to send this email to you.

On the 1st December 2004 (last Tuesday) I ordered three items from your website. The items were fully in stock, so there should be no real delay in the processing and delivery. After I had placed the order, I expected the normal (up to) 48 hours delivery.

I received NO order confirmation by email, NO despatch email about the order at all. This was very disconcerting as this information is very useful and it provides a receipt for my records. Disappointing as this may have been, I put that fact aside for the moment.

On the Thursday (2nd December) I received ONE of the items that I had order. With this item I received NO delivery note or any documentation about where it was from or any details what so ever. The only reason I knew it was from your company was the fact that it was one of the products I requested.

Presuming that the rest of the order was to come I waited for a few more days. NO one bothered to email me to let me know the status of my order and where the other two products were. I checked the order status on the website ‘My Account’; the status been ‘Processing’. This status has not changed yet to this day.

On Tuesday 7th December I proceeded to follow the online steps to send your company an email. Within this email I stated the problem and requested someone contact me or sort the lack of products out. I did NOT receive any reply to this email.

Therefore on Thursday 9th December I followed this same process again with a rather stern email asking the same questions; even sending it ten times to make sure your company received it. I have NOT received any reply to this email at all.

I am VERY disappointed with this as I use your company a lot and I DID trust you to deliver hardware and meet needs on time.

My actions are somewhat limited now as to what I can do. I have contacted my credit card company as I am proceeding to request a full refund for the products I have not received. I will be posting this email in a few days on a few large forums to warn and deter people about this EXTREMELY POOR service that your company offers. Also I will forward this email to all of your departments so they know exactly what they need to do to make things better.

I am very sorry that it has come to this stage, though I don’t believe there to be any way in which to resolve this issue.

I would be very much grateful for your help and advice in resolving this problem,


wow bad luck, i normally get good customer service from them.. try phoning them?

I buy from Aria on a regular basis, and have never encountered problems with them, that were not sorted out quickly. I know this post is quite old, however in my time buying from them I have found that their service has been pretty good all the way.


A joy to deal with again and again for me. Built over 10 systems now for
the family and myself over the years I've used aria and never had the
opportunity to fault 'em. 99% of the stuff I've got has worked and
worked well. When it hasn't, it was 'easy peasy' as my daughter says to
return it, get a new one and be off and running again. Super, smashing,