One of my pc's that i built recently has the following (as well as a 600watt quality psu):

xfx 630i motherboard-

Pentium D E2180 CPU 2.0ghz stock-

Thermaltake Ruby Orb Cpu HSF-

Now, here's my problem. I've heard a lot about overclocking, and how you can max out your components. I've heard that some have gotten the e2180 cpu up to 3.8ghz. I am not at all familiar with over clocking. Can someone explain (in detail) how to overclock this cpu (preferably on the 630i motherboard i have listed). Also, please list the voltages, vdroop, fsb, as well as precautions.

Thanks for your help.

p.s. Can someone also tell me if my HSF can support overclocking, and if not, recommend another hsf off of

Your HSF is fine for a moderate OC; probably go with something else if you're going to push it to the limit.

You're probably not getting any responses because OC'ing is such a broad topic. There's no real five minute crash course...and also no one can tell you specific settings to use because of the variances in not just your setups, but in the chips themselves (there's no way to tell if your chip is a dud or not until you start playing around with it).

Just didn't mention what memory you're running. You'll need a minimum of DDR2-800 if you want to see any significant gains.

i changed the setup to:

ASUS M2A-VM Motherboard

AMD Athlon 5000+ black edition cpu

Ultra X-Wind Aluminum HSF

Corsair TwinX 4gb DDR2-800 RAM

I am getting the black edition cpu b/c of the unlocked multiplier which allows me to overclock the cpu to 3.1ghz with a basic cooler. Due to the multiplier being raised, there is no thermal problems (like heat), and therefore makes a better and cheaper deal than the intel one. What's everyone's thoughts about that.