I need to install Windows 98 on a new PC consisting of the following specs:

MainBoard Asus P5N MX Socket 775
Processor Core 2 Duo 2.53 Ghz

Reason to install an old OS such as Win 98 is taht it will have installed on it a VRT (Vehicle Road Test) machine which is based on a DOS version, and supports only Win 98.

My question is, if this is possible to have Win 98 on such a PC.


Nope. 98 doesnt support more than 256mb ram very well, and doesnt support over 512 at all It also does not support SATA, PCI Express, Multiple cores etc....

it MAY work but its very unlikely

Hello jbennet many thanks for your reply. At the moment it is working on a P4 1Gb RAM but wanted to upgrade to a Core 2 duo.

I would be very surprised if it did work, there isnt any driver support on that board for windows98 as far as I know.
Prob better off trying to find an old/recon P2/3 board and building the old PC with 98.

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