its a toshiba satellite a215 laptop, 1n1/2 ytrs old vista home pro,im having same problem as a lot of others but i dont read any corrective answers, i turn it on by switch and little blu lite lites up, fan comes on , a couple other normal noises but nothing on the screen , not a blink ,no advertisement flash, no lite at all, tried hooking up 2nd monitor still nothing, tried fn with f5 key nothing on either monitor , 24 hours ago finished a fresh reinstall operating system vista then did virus protection avg, added updates microsoft 76 of them, and installed 2007 quick books, and here is were maybe i messed it up ? went to the toshibe site cking for updates got a couple one was bios , one was chipset , updated no problem , played on cpu for a moment apprx 1/2 hr , left it on and when i came back screen wes completely a off white color lite, nothing else visible, no pointer, played with mouse nothing happened, pushed keys nothing , held down off switch it clicked off and when back on this issue of no screen or black screen happened , im new at this sorrynif this is really long, some one please help no warranty available

Try unplugging the power, remove the battery and then hold down the power button for 10 to 15 seconds. This will drain the system of all stored power. When you press the power button to turn the machine on do you get any lights or beeps?

Your motherboard is probably cracked. Very common with notebooks. Turn it off, press down on your keyboard area a couple times (not too hard), turn it on. If it still wont' work, turn it off, and repeat the process. Do this 2-4 times if it doesn't work.

i have a toshiba notebook turns on starts windows 1 sec then goes to black screen with options to start in other modes done all it counts down from 30 starts all over again help

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