Lifting up the cables coming out of the PSU back fan seems to give me a POST beep.
I've nailed down the possibilities.
I can make the RAM and Graphics card function properly.
I replaced hard drives, but the computer still froze.
I'm guessing the problem lies in either the PSU and/or the Mobo..
The "MSI tm" logo in the motherboard heats up a lot.

The computer generally freezes anytime. Although usually I'm doing something, but only like opening up firefox or installing a small program.
No hardware changes or anything.
Freezing only started occurring this week, and the frequency has increased daily.

I've reformatted the C:/ drive twice already.
The chance of freezing seem to be lower in Safe Mode and while I reformat though.

In conclusion the mobo logo thing heats up a lot, and the PSU cables affects the POST, and possibly is the cause of the computer freezes.
Specs are..
Windows XP Home
VIA Technologies, Inc
Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00PG
Intel Celeron CPU 2.40 GHz
1024 mb Ram

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