My friend has a 3 year old compaq with a Pentium 3 in it, right now its running a 128MB PC100 stick of ram and I let him borrow a PC133 sitck of ram (256MB) I know that both stick s are only running at pc100 right now, but will his pc support pc133 if I take out the 128MB and he puts in two 256MB (pc133)?

I dont have any specs on the pc tho, its a compaq persario, P3, came stock with pc100 I think it will acept pc133 any ideas? ;)

I had to work on a friends Compaq a little while ago. For your sake I widsh I would hasve kept the info of how I found the specs.

It was brutal to find them and brutal to work on.

The only good thing from the experience was giving it back to him.

Google long enough and you'll find 'em.

Sorry I can't offer more than that.