It started 2-3 weeks ago. my hard drive began glitching and the computer crashed with a UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME BLUE SCREEN. I took out the HD and replaced with a brand new one. SAME THING HAPPENED! I then REPLACED THAT ONE with a NEW HD of the same exact brand and its been ok BUT I STILL HEAR THE GLITCHING and my computer freezes now i am worried its going to crash completely AGAIN. i'll reboot and its fine, but this will continue. it really started doing this again from yesterday and today. it will just keep glitching, what causes this? i must admit i was replacing the old sound card BEFORE EVERYTHING and i might have moved the computer while it was on, so my brother tells me. He told me it was the HD so i got a new one. but did i ruin something? is it my motherboard? it cant be the HD i've went through 3 of them with the same problem. Luckily, this one still loads and works, but this glitching must stop.

I have an Intel Pentium 4 1.62GHZ with 384MB RAM. my HD is an 80GB from Western Digitial. Any help is really appreciated.

Some possibilities:

- You keep moving the system while it's running and damaging the hard drive? Even a ricketty desk can cause damage, or somebody bumping into it. You'd be unlucky, but it's possible.

- Poor standard power supply unit. Forget the Wattage if it's a cheapie. Consistent delivery of stable voltages is what's more important, and only the more expensive brands deliver quality. Fluctuating voltage levels can damage components or cause system instability.

- Overclocked? If you've overclocked your system without 'locking' the PCI bus speed, you'll end up with data corruption sooner or later.

By the way, can you please describe a bit more clearly what the 'glitching' is that you hear? Your comment describes nothing at all, and only leaves us guessing. 'Glitch' means simply a mistake or interruption. Describe the sound, eh, and exactly when it occurs?

well. i keep hearing it like read, then pause, then read. like a glitching sound. i cant explain it really. my comp is on my desk because i have a wireless inet connection that is far away from the source. if i move it underneath my desk on the floor, i wont get a solid connection. i didnt overclock my system because i dont even know what that is, but it has stopped and i think my friend moved my comp the night before i posted this.