Hey guys

Haven't assembled a computer for around 8 years now.

MB: ASUS P6T Deluxe
VGA: HD4870 X2
PSU: Silverstone 1000w

I have just received the hardware parts I ordered, assembled everything together as it was written in the manuals.
When I powered PC on, nothing happened, no display, no beeps.
Then I talked with guys on IRC and realized my card needs power directly from the PSU (the quick install manual did not detail it). Plugged the PSU into the card, but forgot about the 8 pin card connector that came with the card and could connect only the 6 pin connector. And even more dumbness, connected the other 6 pin card connector to the PSU instead of the 8 pin PSU connector.

The results were smoke from the cable and system shut down.

After that, I could restart the PC and everything went just like before. Still no display, still no beeps.

What would be the best chain of to-do s if I wanna get this rig working as quick as possible (and spending as little plus money on it as possible too)?
I really need it now.

Thank you very much

Oh there was one place I screwed up what the manual wrote, I accidently touched both the bottom of the cpu and the pins with my tumb. The pins didn't get bent.
Can the oil cause the problem?
What would be the safest method to clean it? (I guess alcohol, but applied with what, ear rubbers?)