Hey all...

I recently had a problem with my computer. First off, i had bought a second video card to run SLI. In doing so, i realized my current 500w PSU probably wouldnt cut it. So i bought a new 850w PSU. I also bought new RAM, and a new motherboard.

I tried hooking up my new PSU with my new board and new RAM and old CPU...and i get absolutely nothing... no video output, no beeps , no errors no nothing.

My rig looks like:
4gb KingstonHyper PC8500
2 x BFG 8800 GT OC
850w Ultra PSU

Now, after this i took all my components out...and reseated the CPU. While i was doing this, i noticed a small 1-2mm chip on the very top corner of the chip. It basically looks as if a grain of rice sized peice of silicon has chipped off.... i put it all together, but this time just using the new MB, the old CPU and the new PSU... still nothing.

I think plugged in my old PSU, old CPU and new RAM, nothing. I tried taking the ram out and loading with both the old and new psu, and still nothing.

Soooooo.... i am assuming the chip in the card has killed the cpu, would this assumption be correct? And for the record, i ALSO tried old CPU, new AND old PSU in OLD motherboard, still no dice...

Therefore, after all the testing, can we safely assume it is the CPU?

Thughts? Ideas? And FYI, i tried one stick of new ram, 2 sticks of new ram, one stick of old ram, two sticks of old ram in both cases (all with Driver (CD/HD) disconnected). I also reset the BIOS/CMOS y taking out battery etc...

THanks all for input in advance

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Can you post a pic of what you mean by the chip in the CPU?

That may be the pin 0 mark. Some chips have a mark in one corner so you know which way to align it.


Its def. not the pin that shows which way you align the card, there is a def. grain of rice sized chip off the corner, you can tell because you can see the white 'plastic' on the 'inside' of the chip...compared to the usual 'green' color... I would psot pic but dont have digital camera...

any ideas? comments?


It is a socket 775 Core 2 Duo E6400 Intel chip.

Hope that helps...


Unfortunately it sounds like it is broken. Looking at some pics, they all show green PCB all the way around (here and here).

Very unlucky, I've done some horrible things to chips but never broken one like this. You could try contacting the place of purchase for a replacement, but I don't like your chances.


Ha. Ya thats what i assumed sadly. I have never done anything close to this horrible to any computer components in the 10 years i have built computers. Looking at those pictures and from memory (as the CPU is currently still installed with fan etc) the chip is on the opponsite corner of the angled alignment corner of the chip...

Lucky for me im made of money (what a joke that is ... im a broke college student) ... i just bought a q6600 so that should get her monday.

Ill post updates when i get it up and running...keeping my fingers crossed... haha

Thanks for the help and time with your research!


I think plugged in my old PSU, old CPU and new RAM, nothing. I tried taking the ram out and loading with both the old and new psu, and still nothing.
THanks all for input in advance

so, what would it have to do with the new cpu with the chip out of it .!


I think it was the same CPU the whole way through. Upgraded the other stuff but kept the CPU.

I was only quoting what was written


The CPU mentioned in all of my posts is the same throughout. The parts i have tried include:
2 motherboards (1 orig, 1 new), 3 PSU (1 real old, 1 orig, 1 new), 1-4 sticks of 1 gb pc600 (orig/old system), and 1-2 sticks of pc8500 (new ram).

So ya. the chip is in THE cpu....there is only one. Therefore, after testing with all the different above parts in varying ways, nothing worked, so i came to the conclusion it HAS to be the CPU. Correct?


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