well, i actually cant startup. ive had my computer off for several days, im on vacation at the moment. havent done any big changes, nothing.

i try to start my powerbook X, g4, and it makes the startup noise, the screen stays dark, and the sleep light comes on and starts blinking. other times, it sounds as if its just turned on, makes the little clicky noise, but then beeps at me 3 times, kind of soft, but highpitch beeps, and then screen stays dark and the sleep light does the same tihng...
when it actually did start up, it froze either right after startup or 5-10min after startup

this all seems extremely bazzar to me. i am a new mac user so i dont know too much about these things...anything can help! im lost without my baby!

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It sounds to me that the computer is stuck sleeping. Disconnect the power, and all the batteries. Let it sit "dead" for a minute or two. Then try to power it back up.

Hope that helps,



yeah, i tried that and then it froze... but its been almost a day now since ive touched it, so ill try again soon and see if its passed. even your suggestion made me calm down a bit haha, thanks.

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