I am wondering if someone can help me with this issue.

I had a desktop with ASUS P5GC-MX/133 motherboard installed with two physical hard drives - 1 IDE and 1 SATA2. A year ago I installed window XP SP2 on the IDE hard drive and used SATA2 as storage (not RAID). When I installed the window XP, I did not press F6 to load 3rd party drivers. And I used Device Manager to format the SATA2 drive and partitioned it into 4 partitions.

Last week, there was something wrong with the OS so I reinstalled window XP. However, after reinstalling the OS, the BIOS and window's device manager can detect the 320 GB SATA2 hard drive (but the drive did not show up in My Computer). However, instead of showing the 4 partitions where I have saved important data, it said that the hard drive is not ready.

Can anyone teach me how to get the partitions out and shown in My Computer?

Help is greatly appreciated!.


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In the bios is it set to SATA or IDE Emulation mode?

Hi Jbennet:

Thanks for the response. How do I check if it is set to SATA or IDE emulation mode?



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