I got home from a hard days work and went to boot up the ol puter and after the XP splash screen I get an error reading "lsass.exe failed to load, could not find the fild dnsapi.dll....reinstallation of this will fix problem"

What do I do? I tried a repair with the windows installation cd but it says I don't have any hard drives installed!
Also tried to copy this dnsapi.dll file from a dos boot but it couldn't find the c:\!
If my computer says it can't find HD...but it's getting past the XP splash screen...I'm so perplexed.
Please Help!

the computer froze everytime after the winxp splash screen, so i tried doing some stuff to try and fix it but the BIOS isn't detecting that a HD is there, nor from a dos boot disk. but when i start up the raid controller prog... that detects it, so does a maxtor dos prog i downloaded onto a floppy and ran.......i tried running the winxp installation cd but it says that can't continue because theres no HDs installed.....even after i formatted the thing.......any ideas?!

how did you formatted it if it was not detected....i am a bit confused...may i know your specs pls? happy new year

What is your RAID configuration?
Is your raid controler part of the motherboard or is it a plugin card?

If the only way you are seeing any drives is with the RAID driver installation disc,
that explains a few things, but we still need more info to help you.

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