RIG: --- 1.15 GHz AMD -- 256 MB RAM -- 56x CD -- DVD drive -- 40GB HDD ---

Hi, I'm new to this forum but relatively experienced in computers; I recently removed a *gradually* failing IDE Western Digital HDD from my computer (slave position), and the master IDE HDD is no longer recognized by the BIOS.

Well, that is to say, not OFTEN, it is recognized every so often and will boot, but usually "Boot Failure... insert diskette A" is displayed.

Once the rig boots up, if it does, all is fine. So my workaround is to keep it in "Sleep" or "Hybernate" at all times when not in use.... not very energy efficient.

This doesn't make sense, as the only things on the slave drive were miscellaneous programs and my music library... no system files (besides a Win 2k backup *unused*). So in theory it should recognize the master drive just fine... but nope.

First thing I would check is that all the cables are correctly seated. You may have partially unplugged the master cable whilst removing the slave, resulting in erratic behaviour.