I have this gigabyte motherboard GA-8VM800PMD-775-RH
I want to add a total of 2 gig of memory and I didn't uderstand what they mean by Note: Use of a Double-Sided memory module (the single chip is 512 Mbit) is required if you wish to install a 1 GB memory module . Does this mean the memory card has to have chips on both sides of the 1 gig? or does this mean you have to have cards in both slots? Also is it good to have memory cooling?


I think as long as you meet these specs you'll be ok, I never herd of memory cooling? and I would say no if it exists memory cards do not get hot.

Supports 1.8V DDR DIMM
Supports DDR2 533/400 DIMM

Almost all RAM is double sided these days. Single sided RAM looks like this: http://www.3dnews.ru/_imgdata/img/2008/05/28/83874.jpg with no modules on 1 side. (Technically a single sided module could have some on each side, but I've never seen it).

Memory cooling is a WOFTAM. My modules came with a cooling fan setup but I don't even have it installed. If I were to overclock the RAM a lot I might put it back on, but under normal operation there's no need.

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