ok guys, i recently received a new custom dell computer for christmas. The speed of the computer is great, everything is awesome, but there is just one big problem :/ my computer constantly freezes, about once every 10-30 min. I play World of warcraft. which is a big online game, and this problem is annoying me horribly! Does anyone possibly know whats wrong with it? is there something i can try or do that will help me? pls reply


We need to know a lot more before we can advise.
What is the spec of your computer?
What's running when it freezes?
What are the exact symptoms of the freeze?
Must you reboot or what?

Info, info, info.

hi pansquatch, this thing happens only when playing the game that you told us? or even in normal operation like surfing the net etc...same thing happens? and just as Suspishio suggested post back with your machine specs and give some other infos on detailed format..so guys around here can easily troubleshoot your problem... ;)