After years of reliable use my old CRT monitor died. So I bought a new LG 20 inch lcd:

1. The res/picture qulaity seems about same as my old CRT - I assume due to the following: a) I have res set at 1024x768 (the recommended 1680 x 1050 makes the font really small which I don't like); b) I am connected via VGA not DVI (no DVI slot on my computer). Does this seem right or is there another reason wht res is same as old CRT?

2. I found the screen a little bright so turned down the brightness setting from max (100) to around 75. When I did I found that the monitor produced an annoying hum/buzz (goes away when turn back to brightness max 100). Is this a defective monitor or do all LCDs do this?

3. Is it worth upgrading my video card to allow DVI connection (I assume this is how I would do it???) and buying a DVI cable to get higher res?



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1) You could always increase the resolution along with the test size. Do this by going into the advanced menu on the settings tab in the display properties menu. change you font to 120 dpi (or whatever you like) and yes, DVI will make it look much slicker

2)not sure

3)you could always pick up a relatively cheap video card from newegg, as most video cards now come with DVI connection. any 8000 series GeForce comes with it, or at least from 8400 and up.

1. I have a 22" monitor at work and have it set at 1680 x 1050 and the text is just large enough for my bad eyes, so if my monitor was smaller, I wouldn't have it set this high, but of course resolution is a personal preference! LCDs usually display best at their "preferred" resolution. I have connected the same monitor to the same PC with both a DVI and VGA cable and couldn't notice any difference in image quality.

2. This sounds like a fault.

3. When you say "higher res", do you mean that you want a better quality image on a non-recommended resolution?

1. If you stay at 1024x768 everything will appear pretty much as it did on your CRT. 1680 x 1050 is superb resolution and frickinaj's advice about 120dpi is good.

2. This is aknown LG fault. So keep the screen bright.

3. Yes - DVI output is worth a modest investment. Right now, your PC is converting digital to analogue, running that along a cable that might not be well screened etc, and converting it back to ddigital at the LCD. So there is attenuation. DVI is digital all the way and the picture wil be sharper and brighter.

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