Hi, I'm having some trouble getting a Compaq Presario 1247 to start up. It sat for a few months and when I tried to start it only the light indicating that the power chord was connected would light up. I took the battery out, unplugged the power, and started all over. With the battery in and the computer plugged in the power chord light, battery light (blinking) and power light all came on. The screen even lit up (COMPAQ written across it) and the battery light stoped blinking. But then nothing. I let the battery charge but now I'm right back to only the power chord indicator light being on. Taking out the battery and reinserting it does nothing this time. Plugging it in and starting it without the battery in does nothing as well.

Any ideas? I appreciate the help.


Re: 1247 won't start up 80 80

I'm thinking either the battery is fried or the contacts of it. But then again the A/C hookup should have started the laptop.

Check for physical defects, and if none, I think the battery is to blame. :mrgreen:

Re: 1247 won't start up 80 80

I realize this is about 6 months after the fact, but maybe I can help someone else out.

I went to www.compaq.com (okay, it takes to hp.com) and did a "live" chat after drilling down down down to select the Compaq Presario 1247 laptop. Austin told me to do few steps:
1) remove AC cable
2) remove battery
3) hold down start button for 30 sec to a 1 minute. (i did a minute plus)
5) rehook AC cable
6) push power button
7) begin happy dance at powered up lappy

Austin told me that the motherboard had built up a static charge preventing it from starting. The button hold procedure was to dissapate the charge. I had never seen my lappy run without a battery before and was awed when it came to life.

I then asked him how to prevent this from happening. He suggested not recharging the battery until it gets to 0-10% and then take it to 100%. I told him I sometimes use this (ancient) lappy as a second workstation on my desk. He suggested that if I do not use the lappy for 2 or 3 days, REMOVE the battery during this time. I had begun to neglect this lappy over the last few weeks and that's when this problem sprang up. Now, if lappy is going to sleep for a few days, it will be without the battery in.

I hope this helps. I highly recommend going to www.compaq.com and doing the live chat with a tech. It really works folks.

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