My computuer case front speaker wiring is listed as such:
mic in-, ground, spkout r, return r, mic bias, spkout L, return L
My motherboard wording is as such:
1.mic, 2. gnd, 3. ref, 4. power, 5. front audio r, 6. rear audio r, 7. reserved, 8. no pin, 9. front audio L, 10. rear audio L
I know mic in matches 1. mic, and ground-gnd, but what do I match up on the others? Help.

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Can you possibly give me the case type and motherboard model if you have them handy?

Seems like the two have incompatible connectors...one being a 10 pin and the other a 7. Thanks :cool:


EZ Media EZSOHOPLUS01 Mid Tower Case with a gigabyte GA-K8NS motherboard.

I am in the similar situation too

I have Asus P-4-P 800 Max Motherboard


Do you have one or two speaker jacks on the front of your case?

You cant do left right front and rear with only one jack...

I will try to look up your case to see if it gives enough detail.

Usually the front jack is for headphones and kills the rear speakers for quiet operation when plugged in.,

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