I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 that's a few years old. Recently I replaced the battery because the original one stopped holding charge. I bought an affordable 11.1 Volt, 7000 mAh, Li-Ion Battery on Amazon. Soon thereafter, my AC adapter started to melt. Thinking the problem was the adapter, I bought a new one (Replacement AC Adapter + Power Supply Cord for PA-12 / Dell Laptops Replaces DELL Model and P/N Model PA-1650-05D / P/N 5U092 310-2860 1X917 ). The new one also gets extremely hot if it's plugged in for more than a half hour. This is annoying because I have to charge the computer for a few minutes at a time, unplug it, then charge again. It seems like the problem could be the battery (a bad battery can make the AC adapter burn, right?), but the computer/battery doesn't get very warm at all. Any suggestions?


had the same problem with a Compaq power cord [my daughters ,she melted 2 ,away a university] it was the power jack that is soldered to the motherboard ,the small pin in the center of the jack was broke and making a bad connection and getting hot! I had it replaced [but cant get it to boot]but it should work now.must be something i did putting laptop back together,
like the pin in the picture .

I had a similar problem with my Toshiba some time ago. The motherboard was short circuiting around the power input port.

Also with cheaper adapters, the voltage can incompatible with your laptop.

My advice is to get it checked professionally soon.