I cannot find the problem and it's baffling me completely. Here's the deal:
I have 4 pc's and they're all doing the same thing, so it's definately something I'M DOING wrong.
Main Problem: The monitor doesn't turn on, indicating that the pc is not booting, right?
The monitor works, and i've tried a different monitor just in case it's not compatible or something.
I've tested and tried another Power Supply - nothing
I've tested and tried other Memory - nothing
I've tested and tried another Processor - nothing
I've tested and tried another Graphics Card - nothing
I even tried a different MOTHERBOARD that had built in graphics.. nothing!
I've taken EVERYTHING out of the machine... one by one... still nothing

Is there a specific jumper setting that i'm missing here or something

I've got this problem with TWO P4's (Gigabyte Springdale motherboard GA8IPE775-G) and (Prescott 533 P4145GV Rev. 5.01)
same thing with my P3's and P2's - Asus motherboards A7V133-C and a Matsonic

Hence, my conclusion that it has got to be a setting (*jumper or other) that i am not checking on these boards.

Any suggestions / help would be appreciated - or info on where i can download any specific settings for these motherboards - thanks man!

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the same thing happened to me when i changed the resolution of my screen, increased it, and the monitor ran out of frequency, and didn't start. i'll tell you what i did. it worked. try starting your computer in safe mode by pressing F8 at bootup. in safe mode, change the frequency settings, that is the resolution of your monitor (if thats the problem). restart in normal mode and see if it helps.


yes, i've been told that. However, my pc doesn't even boot!

I'm thinking that my power supply was the wrong ampage, and has blown my motherboard.

My bigger problem now is that i tried using that power supply on a number of other boards, i'm hoping it hasn't blown them all

Thanks for your help :)

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