I have a raid 5 that I am attempting to setup. They firmware is Symbios and while in post I can view the drives and set them up to work on boot. The NVRam is active. Now when I boot the machine the raid says that it has failed. I can view all the disks in the disk manager. The driver for this is a LSI Logic 8951U/8952U Adapter; 53C895. I am at a total loss on setting this up. Any ideas or help is greatly appreciated.
Should add this is on a HP Netserver LH4 running server 2003 R2 Enterprise.


I had a very similar issue. The solution was to upgrade the bios on the machine itself.

I believe it needed 4.x or higher but it was a very long time ago.

Visit HP site and upgrade the BIOS on that LH4

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