I have an emachine T5234 that I brought from Circuit City just over a year ago. The warranty recently expired, less than 2 weeks. I have a blue screen, no error message, no activity at all. The fan in the hard drive is running, but that is it. I am not an IT person and I have no idea how to get this darn thing working. Have lots of school work that I need to access THIS WEEK. How do I fix it?

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ok so when you say that it gives a blue screen... when exactly does it give the blue screen?when turning it on? does it boot into windows? is it when you are busy in windows(or what ever os). or do you mean that when you turn it on the screen comes up blue and nothing else happens? in that case connect it to a external screen an c what it does!

loki_ is basically correct. But since your emachine is a desktop, presumably you don't have an additional external monitor to try.

You've also probably checked that the screen is properly plugged in.

You say there's no activity at all; I take this to mean that it hasn't booted (insufficient disk activity on the disk LED); there is no BIOS message in monochrome right at the start of boot-up. As loki- says, this needs to be cleared up as to when this occurred. It seems logical that having occurred, it now won't boot with data visible, but we need to narrow down whether or not this is a simple problem that is monitor related or something more complicated.

If your folks have a PC then, for a small outlay, it is possible to buy a USB enclosure (3½"), take out your hard drive and rescue your important data.

Don't know if I got it.. maybe wire has become disconnected.. check your leds..

I have checked all connections, everything is tight. The blue screen comes on whenever I boot up. I have Windows Vista. Nothing else comes up . no prompts, no errors, nothing. Just blue. I do not have an additional screen. Do I hav any options?

No oprtions that I can see. You power up, fan comes on, blue screen with nothing more.

Take it for repair and stand there to make sure they put your data onto a USB memory stick. They would have to take the hard disk out and copy your data across. the chances are 50/50 that they'll re-build your system disk and/or repair the motherboard.



I have an emachine T5234 it powers up but as soon as windows starts up the hard drive shuts down completely.Have to push start button to try again same thing every time . I am running windows vista

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