Details of RAM chips installed, please? What modules? What size(s)? Waht make/model numbers etc.....

Cheap, generic RAM can cause this behaviour

Here's the info...Ultra 512MB PC2700 DDR 333MHz (ULT30092 )

I'd assume that's generic, OEM stuff, because from the looks of things Ultra repackages components under their own brand name.

Should work though, you'd expect, if that module is in Slot 1 (the one nearest the processor).

Getting a bit beyond where I can assist without the ability to get 'hands-on', I fear. You might need to have a local technician look at it :(

Yeah I am thinking of going over to Microsoft troubleshooting for Safe Mode in Win Xp and see what they have over there. Thanks for trying to help me tho. Thanks!

Hi, Wanted to let you know that I decided to put in Win Xp cd and chose to let it repair something, if there was something wrong. Lo and Behold! it fixed it! I guess what it did was deleted old files such as drivers etc.. and reinstalled the new ones and I'm back where I was in the first place before it went "crazy" on me. I can say that its all fixed now. Computer is up and running smoothly. Thanks for yout time with me. Your the best!

You know, while I was troubleshooting my mobo problems, I decided to add the washers to see if that was the problem - I placed them between the case and the standoff - that should be as good and a whole lot easier to accomplish, but then I'm kind of lazy.



If you have standoffs like this, you don't need a washer:


If you have ones like this, you definitely don't need a washer:


But if you have this type, I'd advise you place a felt washer between standoff and motherboard:


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