I've been trying to get a multi monitor setup running but failing miserably. One of the monitors always fails to come up with a display. I'm starting wth two monitors, eventually having three.

I'm using individual PCI cards, rather than a single card with multiple outputs.

Have already checked that:

Each monitor ok.
Each card ok.
Each PCI slot ok.

Drivers are installed by plug and play.
The properties for the drivers in device manager tell me "This device is not working. (Code 10)".

I've used both mismatched AND identical cards.

PC is:
Compaq AP400 pro workstation.
Dual P3/600, 512MB ram.
Windows 2000 Pro.

I did this a long time ago on a noname P2/300, w98, and it worked flawlessly (using mismatched cards!!)

Things which aren't options:
Buying dual/quad output graphic cards ( 10 PC's to setup, too expensive).
Using W98 (support for dual processors).
Using W XP (I hate it).

Hope someone can help.



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It's because the cards are fighting over which is the primary output device. There can be only one. Whichever one grabs the P&P request first becomes the primary device.

If you need all of the displays to be the same, use one card and connect a video distribution amp to the output.

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