Greetings! I can't get my CD drive to work. Perhaps after reading the issue someone could either help me out or point me in the direction of a previous post answering the question.

When I put a CD in the drive, the system tries to read it but fails, and shows a "not responding," then the "end program now" dialog box. The title of the CD shows up in the D: drive under My Computer, but after some time the Icon changes from the typical CD drive icon to the "windows doesn't know what this program is" icon with the miniature window and icons.

At the suggestion of my roomate I checked to ensure that the drive was properly plugged in to the motherboard and such, as well as ensuring that it was labeled as the Master IDE in the BIOS. (It is the only IDE device I have, the HD is SATA.) These steps didn't resolve the problem. Any ideas?


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Does the computer reconize the drive? If the computer can see it and it still dosn't work there is a good chance that the drive is bad. Also on the drive make sure the jumpers are set correct. Try the jumpers set to master and then try it set to cable select.


You could try switching the parts around with another computer to see whats wrong if nothing else works, even though that would take eternity it would tell you whats malfunctioning or what you need to replace. I just saw our neighbors doing it once.

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