I have successfully rebuilt a machine I lost to a snowstorm a few years ago. Nearly every part of the old machine has been replaced, but I salvaged the old hard drive, and hope to continue using it as a slave drive to the newer, larger one I purchased.

Everything seems to be correctly configured, however when I attempt to access the folders within the Documents and Settings folder, I receive the following:

"D:\Documents and Settings\ [Enter folder name here] is not accessible.

Access is denied."

I had the original system set up so that it promped for a password upon boot-up. I am curious as to whether this is preventing me from accessing these files, and if so, how I go about going around it. Thanks for your time and thought!

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use 'getdataback' it bypasses passwords and lets you recover data

http://www.runtime.org/faq_gdb.htm <- learn about it here

we've been using it for a few years now very rarely lets us down

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