hii everyone , i got two graphic cards
1)nvidia gforce 6600 and
2)asus 7200
i hv D955XBK motherbords in which it has given two pci xpress slots...(so that i can use both the graphic cards)
i wants two use both the graphic at the same time for better gaming experience..
plz help me how can i make that happen...
thnx a lot in advance

I don't think you will be able to use both these graphics cards at the same time. You need two of the same graphics cards that support SLI or Crossfire. You can buy them in sets of two that will work together; your motherboard must support it though.

hey thnx mate...
i got what u sayinn bro
i tried inserting both cards it shows that both cards hv been accepted but the thing is only one graphic card is used which is asus 7200 which shows 512mb garphic memory
another i can use for 2nd moniter display..
but both gaphic cards memory doesnt add up...which exactly i want to do..
but still thnx 4 ur help...now i dont think dat would be possible..!!

You probably are better off just using the 7200 one as it will probably be faster. I am not sure if you can use two graphics cards at the same time though.

Problem solved then?