i have a fancy multimedia HP 3 year old pc running Windows XP. Office 2003, not much else on this machine, i usually used an older pc for most work. Suddenly started having weird problems yesterday. The keyboard works perfectly in Google and on this board, but key board does not seem to function at all in Microsoft Word or Excel. Have restarted machine a couple of times. no effect. Have reseated keybaord cable. no effect. The lights are all on on the keyboard, and the specialty buttons, such as CD eject, nighttime, are working fine.

I went to control panel, accesibility options and clicked on sticky key, no effect. tried pressing both left and right shift keys at same time, no effect. these two maneuvers were suggested on another forum.

I have not downloaded or added any new software lately, i tired to keep this machine as clean as possible ever since i got it.

Strangely, yesterday, Microsoft Outlook, which i have used only for the calendar and contacts, never recieved email on it, also started acting funny. i became unable to add any new appointments. I thought perhaps because i had too many recurring appointments and went thru last night and deleted a lot of recurring appointments, no effect. When I go to File, the dropdown menu has most selctions unhiglhlighted and they cannot be selected.
I have no idea if these two problems are related or just co incidence.

I do have SPYBOT on this machine and it has been having a pop up, "system startup user entry. Value changed" entry swg. old data C:\program files\google\googleToolbarNotifier\1.2.1128.5462\googleToolbarNotifier.exe New Data C:\ProgramFiles\Google\GoogleToolbarNotiifer|GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe

and prompt me to either allow or deny the change. I have no idea if this is related at all either. Any help is appreciated!

Maybe I should try a System Restore to a couple days ago?