First id like to say hello to everyone im new here and hope to find the help i need. I recently aquired a Intel Dg915 Mobo with a P4 3g processor. I decided to start building it today so i tore my desktop apart and put the Intel together. So i dropped the board in my case instaleed my Samsung pc2700 ram (a pair of 1 gig sticks) my 9400GT graphics card and my Sound Blaster card. However upon first boot the board came on for a few seconds...then shut back off with nothing ever being displayed on my monitor. Kinda seems like maybe a ram issue but im not sure and cant really afford to buy a bunch of new parts trying to figure it out. Can anyone give me any suggestions? All help i appreciated!

Did you install the CPU heatsink and fan correctly?

How many watts is the power supply? Is it connectcted corretctly ?(including the 4pin one near the cpu)

Have you tried running it with just of the ran sticks?

Yup ive tried all of that...the board was pulled from a working computer but thats all i got was the board and cpu/fan. power supply is a 500w Apevia Aspire. I do believe that the ram in the pc it was pulled from was pc3200 which is why i beleive it to be a ram issue.

Yeah try different ram.

The PSU should be fine. I have a pc with a p4 3.6gig and a geforce 8600 and it runs fine on a 550w

Its most likely the ram as that the psu and overheating were the other two options, which we have now excluded.