Am asking on how I can give commands to my computer through my mobile phone via text message or speech ?How will I connect my phone to my comp? and will I need any special software?

If I had a motor which I need to control with my computer how can I do that and from which port do connect it from ?do I need any software??

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I am guessing that you are running a mobile phone system that can cruise the web with some sort of browser. That is handy.

You did not mention what kind of OS your computer was. IF it was Linux, you could program up a website with pre-defined software tasks, and put some buttons on the sheet so that your phone can click on the button, and execute a command. You will need special software to do this.

I see a couple concerns though. You are going to want to code in security for your setup, so that no one in particular can take your computer hostage and run with it. You need to think about security, and how the computer will respond to your commands, to know if it was properly "received" or not.

Your project is not going to be particularly easy or right off the shelf.

The motor control depends on what kind of interface it has. You will need to research the various kinds of electronic controls of the motor and see if they are serial bus controlled, USB controls, or perhaps parallel port controls.

From there, with the right amount of time and skill, you can achieve what you are doing.


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