ok heres my delima, I currently have a 40Gb HDD ata/133 and a 160Gb ata/133

the 160Gb I only keep music and dvds on so that can stay.
but I need a faster HDD to have my games and programs.

so which HDD type is the fastest I can get? I beleive it is SATA but I can be wrong.

and is it possible to find a 200Gb HDD for under $200 which is SATA
doesnt matter on the rpms (10,000 perferably)
and i would also like it to be quite and have a fast seek time.

also what performance boost can I be seeing from this faster HDD compared to my ata/133
will my games and programs load quicker, and will my windows boot time go down?

Either the 160Gb or 40Gb would be fine as one of the main system drives.
If you require additional space however, then a standard 7200rpm SATA drive of some capacity from Seagate, Western Digital or Maxtor should serve you well. I wouldn't bother with a 10000rpm model - the extra cost and reduced storage capacity isn't worth the minimal decrease in load times.

well I found a western digital and a maxtor both 200GB 7200rpms and sata , how does that sound?

my current primary hdd is a 40GB ata/100 old emachines HDD which serverly needs to be upgraded.

will a 200Gb sata hdd perform slower then a 160Gb sata hdd? and if so will the difference be great?

have a quick question too, will SATA II work in regular SATA?

Well it will have some effect with the bigger HD, since it has to search through my sectors on the platter, but you will see very little difference in performace.

either way the sata 200Gb will load faster then my 40Gb ata/133 right?

Did you check the reviews? they'd be the best things to consider befure purchasing the drive.

Now, I do just want to elaborate on something here. SATA150 is only 17MB/s faster than ATA/133. While it is a speed increase, I don't think you're going to experience some huge speed jump by installing a "faster" drive. At least, not some appreciable difference.

jifiii and Coconut Monkey are right-- pick a drive based on how much space you need. you're not going to get too much faster by having SATA drives.

Just to add, RPMs aside, SATA does not go through the standard IDE bus that IDE/Parallel ATA drives do. I'm not sure how big of an impact that makes on performance.

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