The dreaded blue screen. I've got a windows xp and here is the deal.

When I start windows normally I get the Unmountable_Boot_Volume blue screen.

I can't open in safe mode, it simply starts and stops at the same place. Where it sais system32/DRIVERS/agp.Cpq.sys. Everytime it stops there.

I have my OS recovery disk.

When I try and wipe the harddrive it tells me; Divers_IRQL_EQUAL_OR_LESS blue screen.

Please help me.

If you have more than one memory ram stick in your motherboard, try test one by one swaping the ram, at least if it is a ram related issue then you know what to do.


I do not know what a ram is.

I do not know what a ram is.

RAM is your computer memory. it looks like this for a desktop and like this for a laptop.

Do you have a desktop or a laptop?