Hi there.
Can any one help me! I have a Toshiba Salellite pro A200. and need to load files to the cmos/bios by way of a cd drive. I think I will have make a bootable disk but do not know how. If anyone can offer even the smallest help I would be very grateful. :'(

Go to : http://support.toshiba.com and choose downloads from the tech support center area. The choose portables, satelite pro, and your exact model number. There are 2 models of A200. Choose downloads and set the filter to BIOS. Download the most recent version and run the self extracting zip file and the disk image in in the folder you extracted.

Use your favorite burning program to burn the image

FYI: The self extracting archive attempt to launch TBIOS updater and will fail if you are using another computer. Just ignore the warning and you will find the folder in C:\sa200f3v210 this name will change based on the version of bios you download

Hi Comlor.
Thank you very much I will give this a try and let you know as and when.