Hi I am trying to upgrade my video card so I can play the Sims 3, but I'm having the hardest time trying to figure out what kind of video card I need, Dell Tech support was no help so I was wondering if anybody could I.D. what kind of specific graphics card I would need.

Here is the image of my slot, I have a Dell Dimension E310, I know it's not a PCI Express because I've already purchased one. Alot of people say its just a regular PCI I'm just having a hard time trying to figure out. Thanks

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Have a look at this.

I believe it is a PCI slot. There are graphics cards avaliable for that slot but they won't be anywhere near as fast as AGP or PCI-e.

What is you location? I know where some PCI cards are avaliable in the UK.

Re: What kind of video card do I need? 80 80

if this is same model as yours its pci-e. the picture you posted tell me you need a new camera too.lol, kind of blurry ,the small brown slot above the pci slot has something to with it ,its only pci-e 1 though it think

from the link below .
# Expansion Slots Total (Free) 1.0 ( 1.0 ) x PCI - DIMM 240-pin , 1.0 ( 0.0 ) x Memory - LGA775 Socket , 2.0 ( 1.0 ) x Processor , 2.0 ( 1.0 ) x PCI Express x1


download and run cpuZ and check the motherboard section for a model # so we can look further into this .

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