first i apologise for this being my first post

i built a pc about 2-3 months ago the spec is below

nvidia geforce gtx280 1gb graphics card
2x 500gb maxtor hdd
AMD phenom 9950 quad core cpu
corsair 4gb (2x2gb) 800mhz ddr2
asus m3n72-d

i have been using the machine and recently being having a few errors where it has just cut out and gone to a blue screen with a system error, this has happend about 3 times since i built the machine, and today i was using the machine and decided to overclock the cpu which was running at 2.6ghz

i used the ai suite that came with my mother bored rather than going trough the bios, i changed this from 2.6ghz to 2.8ghz and the software said the system needs a restart, the machine shutdown and tried to restart and hasnt worked since, it wont even go to the boot screen, there is some poer in the unit as the led lights and fans turn on however my usb keyboard and mouse do not light up.

ive been trying to think of what this can be but im totaly stumpped

any help would be greatfully appreciated, thanks in advance


if it helps i have just tried booting it again and i got four beeps outta it, ive also checked the internals of the machine, no loose connections or anything

again thanks in advance

ok so i have switched off the psu and discconected everything, i have then took the graphics card and ram out, left to cool, reinserted plugged in and it has worked.

i hope this might be off help to some one else