Hi I bought a gaming computer awhile back like about 6months ago or so i'd say. When i first got it the hardrive which already had windows XP pro installed had trouble detecting the hardrive. Only after 30minutes or so of reconnecting the SATA cable that it was finally able to read the hardrive. Which brings me to my problem.....yesterday I felt like cleaning my computer so I opened it up and started blowing the dust etc etc. I am guessing that i must've pushed the SATA cord or something a bit and when I tried to boot up the computer which was working fine 2minutes before popped up the NTLDR is missing message. So I spent over an hour unplugging and replugging and trying different sides of the cables but nothing seemed to work. I then realized that one side of the cable had a crack so then I went to go buy a new cable today. I tried out the new cable and nothing seemed to work....I still get the NTLDR message that it cannot detect my Main hardrive but it can detect my other hardrives. Is there anyway I could fix this??? Please help me with this problem!!! much appreciated