I do not a whole lot about computers, however I have a 3 year old Sony Vaio that now doesnt work because the video card went out on it. We let a friend borrow the computer because theirs was not working and found out it was being used for the sole purpose of watching movies online. When i say watching movies, i dont mean legal ones. She was watching pirated movies on unsecured sites, and while we asked her not to do that she apparently continued.
I do not know the specifications on the video card that is in the computer, but is it possible that what she was doing led to the video card going out?
What are the odds of a video card going back on a 3 year old computer?
If anyone can offer an insight into this, it would be great. Thanks!

Is this a laptop or desktop?

I don't think viewing illegal videos would damage the card but I could be wrong. - I still wouldn't be happy that that person viewed illegal movies as you would be held liable, after all your computer is yours and could be stored on your computer. If you get it running run anti virus and spyware etc...