I have a boot problem on an Acer 630 laptop which is driving me insane.

The machine is newly set up running Windows 2000 installed from a copy I have successfully used on other machines (tsck, tsch) I cannot use the XP disk image version that came with the laptop as I have replaced the 30 gig hard drive with a new larger one and the installer won't recognise it. My generic win 2000 installed fine except it locks on cold boot.

I get the original black screen boot OK and then the first 5 blue pips inthe 2000 professiona screen and then it locks. Always the same place just 5 blue squares. Messing around with the windows boot options - safe mode etc - makes no difference except that after several minutes it will finally boot - normally or any other way. Once it is running it reboots perfectly until another extended shutdown. This applies whether or not I leave the mains power live.

I Zapped the C drive partition and re installed windows from scratch and it still does it with nothing extra installed apart from AGP, graphics and sound card drivers. - all downloaded from the Acer website.

Could this be a hardware fault in which case where should I look?

Regards to all


P.s. I have also updated the bios from the Acer Site - no difference.